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Triton AL99 Phospate Remover

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Triton AL99 PO4 Remover is a high purity, pelletized aluminum-based phosphate remover. Aluminum is very effective at binding phosphate and other types of contaminants in a reef aquarium like silicate, fluoride, and barium. It is suggested that a standard media reactor is used with AL99 with very low flow through the reactor. That allows for long contact time with the media that will bond with certain types of elements that you do not want in your reef tank. 

It is important to keep a stable phosphate level in your reef tank. A range of 0.02ppm to 0.07 is acceptable, but stability is the key!


AL99 should be rinsed in RODI water before use. Add 50mL per 100L of tank volume to an up flow style reactor. The flow rate should be set very low and the media should not be allowed to tumble. Check your aquarium's phosphate levels daily with a quality PO4 checker. AL99 should be removed from the reactor and replaced once every month or when phosphate levels start to rise. 

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