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Albino Glow Light Tetra

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The Albino Glowlight Tetra is basically the ‘Albino’ form of the Glowlight Tetra. The Glowlight Tetra was originated in the Essequibo basin in Guyana. The line-bred color form of the glowlight tetra was the Albino Glowlight Tetra which was found in Essequibo, Mazaruni and, Potaro Rivers in South America. These rivers are stained with tannins from plant matter rot that make them naturally delicate, soft, and acidic.

The Albino Glowlight Tetra is scientifically known as Hemigrammus erythrozonus sp. Albino. The fish belong to the genus Hemigrammus. However, scientists are still having a debate about whether they should move the glowlight tetra to the genus Cheirodon.

Generally, females of every tetra have a slightly larger body than males. Similarly, the female Albino Glowlights have a larger body and a rounded plumped belly than the males. Whereas, the males are smaller and slimmer than the females.

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