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ATI Carbo EX 1000g

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Carbo Ex removes the CO2 from the supply air of your protein skimmer and supports its function to remove excess CO2 from the aquarium water.

Carbo Ex thus has a stabilizing effect on the pH value, which increases the growth and vitality of your corals. The reduced CO2 content in your aquarium also disrupts the growth of unwanted algae.

Carbo Ex is a plug-and-play air filter that contains a fine dust filter in addition to the granulate for CO2 removal.

As a result, the air is not only reduced in the concentration of CO2, but is also removed by dust.

The great thing about Carbo Ex is that the packaging already serves as a filter housing. Simply connect the air supply of your skimmer to the central tube of Carbo Ex using the adapter supplied. Done!

Advantages of Carbo Ex:

  • Removes CO2 from the skimmers supply air
  • Significantly helps to stabilize the pH value
  • Helps to reduce algae growth
  • A higher and more stable PH value, as it also occurs in nature.
  • The algae growth is reduced by the lower CO2 concentration in the water
  • At the same time, we increase the coral growth by the higher and more stable PH value
  • Carbo Ex is a ready-to-use cartridge that can be used immediately.
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