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Bashsea Bioreactor 6-18

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The ultimate maintenance free biological filter.

  • Dimensions: 12.25" x 7.25" 18"
  • Base Dimensions: 7.25" x 12.25"
  • Chamber Dimensions: 6"
  • Water Input: 0.5"
  • Air Input: 0.125" or 1/8"
  • Drain" 1"
  • Water Flow Rate: 150 - 250 Gallons
  • Aquarium Size: 50 - 75 Gallons (190L - 284L)

The Perfect Bio-Motion

The Bio Reactor produces the perfect Bio-Motion: A counter-current flow design that maximizes media dwell time.  This results in rapid, instant, and continual waste removal making the Bio Reactor a 100% self cleaning system - so there's ZERO maintenance required.

Bashsea "Bio-Mass" media

The Bio Reactor utilizes our proprietary "Bio-Mass" bio media specifically engineered to allow more waste removal in a smaller footprint.

Bio-Mass media has substantially more surface area than all other moving bed media in the industry.

Our vibrant opaque colors provide an optimal environment for beneficial bacteria colonies to flourish long-term, even in brightly lit systems.

Bio-Motion and Bio-Mass INTERACTS

Our "Live Water" environment takes control...

  1. Friction created by the interaction causes any old dead bacteria on the surface of the Bio-Mass media to be gently removed.
  2. This makes space for new heavier feeding bacteria to rapidly colonize - instantly removing toxic ammonia and nitrite from the water column.

Injection spray plate
Specially engineered injection spray plate adds efficiency to Live Water environment.

Air line control
Air line control bracket helps to route and organize lines.

Complete Water Control
The included gate valve allows for complete, precise, and stable water level control.

In Use Advantages

  • Stabilizes PH levels
  • Stops aquarium "crashing syndrome"
  • Direct replacement for using live rock

Additional Features

  • Can be used internally or externally
  • True O-Ring seals
  • Precision CNC key hole flanges
  • For salt or fresh water environments
  • Commercial grade durability & craftsmanship
  • Superior quality build materials

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