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Blue Striped Hermit Crab

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The Blue Striped Hermit Crab (Clibanarius Longitarsus) is a small hermit crab seen near mangroves, on sandy shores and among seagrasses. Elsewhere, it is found around rivers and mangroves on mud or sand.

Blue Striped Hermit Crab can grow 1 – 2 centimeters long, mostly plain pale. Both pincers are more or less equal in size and held so that the fingers open horizontally in front of the animal. Pincers sparsely hairy, no stripes, olive or brown with paler blue or bluish-green pimples. Walking legs sparsely hairy, bluish-green to olive-tan, with two stripes which may be olive or brown, areas between stripes whitish-tan. Eye stalks olive green to brown without any distinctive stripes. Short antennae and long antennae dull brown or olive.

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