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Blyth's Loach

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The Berdmore's Loach Syncrossus berdmorei is a good sized fish, reaching between 6 to 8 inches (15 - 20 cm) long in the aquarium. Once it reaches maturity and its full coloring has developed it makes an awesome addition to a large aquarium with other good sized, like-tempered tank mates.

The adult Berdsmore's is very attractive. It has a golden brown color overall with strong clear green vertical green banding and elongated spots running horizontally along the body and onto the tail fin. There is also a strong red coloring in the fins and tail. It is known by several common names including Blyth's Loach, Burmese Peppered Firetail Botia, Redfin Tiger Loach, Berdmore's Tiger Loach, and Tiger Loach.


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