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Coral Demoiselle

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The Coral Demoiselle is a deceptive looking fish. When viewed on the reef they appear to be a blackish grey colour but as can be seen in the images wit the light of a strobe on them they are fairly colorful. As can be seen in the images, the upper body and head have a greenish tint to them. The lower body has a greyish tint and the scales on the body have a blue mark on them.

The rear of the caudal, anal and dorsal fins are lined with yellow and the pelvic fins have blue spines on them and the pectoral fins have yellow spines.  Just behind the gill plate there is a characteristic spot which in Tanzania is either black or yellow or both colours.  On the base of the pectoral fiins there is a black spot. The adults grow up to 7 cm in length.

Coral Demoiselle are hardy fish and are easy to keep in an aquarium. They will also shoalmaking them an attractive feature.  However they will undoubtedly become territorial as adults, perhaps not as bad as other Damselfish, but nevertheless can be a problem. There is a good chance that they will harass and beat up more peaceful fish. They are bred in captivity and one should always try and buy captive bred fish.  Not only are they used to a tank, but buying captive bred fish reduces pressure on the wild populations.

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