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The Empire Gudgeon is an ideal species for many hardwater community aquariums. These fish are not particularly aggressive, so can be kept in good sized groups, but tiny tankmates may be seen as a snack so are best avoided. In the wild, adult Empire Gudgeon inhabit the lower reaches of rivers and are usually found in flowing streams amongst tree roots and vegetation. Juveniles, however, are often found in turbulent brackish estuaries. The adult fish breed in freshwater and after the eggs hatch, they are carried downstream by the currents to the sea. It is thought that the fry feed and develop in brackish water, and eventually make their way back to freshwater to begin the breeding cycle all over again. Ideally the aquarium will be furnished with dark substrate, décor and background, so that the fish feel secure in their environment, which in turn will make them feel settled enough to show off their beautiful colours. They will definitely appreciate shady areas amongst dense planting, but this may be difficult to achieve if you wish to maintain these fish in brackish water. In freshwater aquaria, good tankmates could include rainbowfish, medium sized peaceful barbs or tetras, or even livebearing species such as platies or swordtails. Be aware that very tiny species may be eaten, so are not recommended. Good filtration and regular partial water changes are a must. May also be seen on sale as Australian Empire Gudgeon.

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