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Featherfin Cichlid

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The Furcifer Featherfin Cichlid is endemic to Lake Tanganyika, where it is found in the shallow intermediate habitat. Here, these gregarious fish gather in large shoals to feed on plankton drifting in the water column above the rock/sand interface. The aquarium that houses this energetic species should be at least 6ft long, with a good amount of filtration, water movement and oxygenation. The best choice of substrate would be coral sand or aragonite, which will help to keep the water hard and alkaline.

Rocks should be used to create small outcrops, caves, and steeply sloping walls, ensuring that there are ample visual barriers, but do also leave generous expanses of sand. Hardy plants could also be incorporated into the aquascape if desired. C. furcifer can be fairly boisterous in the confines of the home aquarium, so broken lines of sight amongst the decor will help. These cichlids are best maintained in a species-only aquarium, but, in larger quarters, can be kept as part of a Tanganyikan community with fish of similar size and peaceful temperament (they should not be kept with belligerent species, otherwise they may stop feeding and the males will lose colour). Ideally, there will be a small number of males, outnumbered greatly by females. Having more than one male will help to ensure the fish display their best colours as they vie for female attention.

The males may show a degree of territorial aggression towards one another, but a very spacious tank and an abundance of visual barriers will assist in dispersing this behaviour. Furcifer Featherfin Cichlids are intolerant of poor water conditions, so ensure small partial water changes are carried out on a frequent basis. May also be seen on sale as Featherfin Cichlid.

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