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Golden Stripe Soapfish

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The Goldenstriped soapfish (Grammistes sexlineatus), also known as the lined soapfish, golden-striped bass, radio fish, sixline soapfish, six-lined perch or white-lined rock cod, is a species of marine ray-finned fish, related to the groupers and classified within the subfamily Epinephelinae of the family Serranidae. It is has a wide Indo-Pacific distribution.

Grammistes sexlineatus is a middle sized fish, which can grow to a maximum length of 30 cm. Its background body color is dark brown with a maximum of six white to yellow horizontal lines. The number of lines depends on the maturity of the fish. Juveniles have white to yellow dots on a dark background until an approximate size of 17.5 mm. Thereafter, the points gradually become lines. At a length of 5 cm, these soap fish have three horizontal lines. Only from 8 cm long that the soapfish gets the six distinctive horizontal lines. Note that in adult specimens close to the maximum size, these lines tend to sever to form small strokes and points.

This species can release poison into the water when stressed. It can be fatal to fish and other sea creatures.

Be mindful that catching these fish with a net, will cause a lot of stress by chasing it round the tank.

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