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Harlequin Rasbora

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The harlequinn rasbora is a native of Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, and southern Thailand. It inhabits streams and waters that are characterized principally by their low mineral content and high concentrations of dissolved humic acids, which is typical of water that flows through swamped forests. The waterlogged soils of these forests inhibit the complete decay of leaf litter, resulting in the formation of peat, which leaches humic acids. These conditions resemble those found in the blackwater habitats of South America.

Harlequinns readily accept all foods but prefer to eat live foods whenever possible. In nature, their diet consists primarily of insects. However, they will accept frozen foods and freeze-dried foods as well as flake foods. A varied diet will ensure that digestive problems or susceptibility to disease do not occur. Brine shrimp, daphnia, and any type of worm are excellent supplemental foods, particularly when conditioning before breeding.

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