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Maxspect Nano Bio-Block 2 Blocks

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The Bio-Block are carefully manufactured to ensure its quality, the well-designed porous structure of the Bio-Blocks create the ideal living conditions and environment for bacterial colonies, but will not be decomposed by the bacterial colonies that grows within it.

The Bio-Block excel at establishing bacterial colonies in forms of Bio-Nano Composite Films, it allows different species of bacteria and fungi to grow on its large surface area, such as nitrifying acteria (including species of the genera Nitrosomonas, Nitrosococcus, Nitrobacter and Nitrococcus ), yeast, phototrophic prokaryotes, etc.

Bio-Blocks, simply place them directly in your sump or area with high water flow.

Bio-Blocks should be cleaned or replaced every 6 months for optimal results, however when cleaning / replacing old Bio-Blocks, DO NOT replace all of them at the same time. Clean / replace half of the Bio-Blocks such that there are sufficient bacterial colonies remain to reestablish themselves in the newly cleaned / replaced Bio-Spheres / Bio-Blocks.

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