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Papua Black Sapphire Crayfish

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The Papua Black Sapphire Crayfish (Cherax Lorenti) is a newly discovered and extremely rare species of crayfish native to the Hoa Creek of  Western Papua New Guinea. With its remarkably eclectic coloration, this crayfish is without a doubt one of the most unique-looking crayfish in the world. This crayfish is also commonly known as the Pink Coral Freshwater Lobster, though true lobsters do not exist in freshwater. Deep blue, hot pink, emerald green, orange, white, and black are all distinctly shown on top specimens of this crayfish. A 7-color spectrum is not found on any other freshwater crayfish!

The Black Sapphire Crayfish will breed in the aquarium with proper care, although the fry are extremely slow growing, especially compared to the many more common US crayfish species that are popular in the aquarium hobby. In fact, many of our specimens have bred in our tanks at our facility!

This particular Crayfish is relatively active and spends plenty of time exploring the floor of the aquarium in search of food. The Black Sapphire Crayfish is an omnivorous scavenger and will eat most any meaty or plant-based foods. This crayfish should not be kept with purely ornamental live plants as it will eat them at a surprising rate. 

While this crayfish can use some animal protein in its diet, it seems to show its greatest color, health, and breeding potential when it is fed a diet that is mostly plant matter, including peas (an excellent vegetable protein source) and carrots. Frozen peas and carrots are an excellent staple diet. They only need chopped into smaller pieces when feeding juveniles.

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