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Rainbow Shiners are peaceful shoaling fish that are best kept in groups of six or more individuals. It would be more beneficial if you try and get a mixture of both females and males to assure that the males have potential mates to display to and rival males to show off to. These fish are Unfussy and adaptable cold water fish suitable for a variety of different water temperatures.

The aquarium needs to be spacious, established and well filtered with a decent current from additional powerheads. You will also need to provide your fish with plenty of hiding places using things like rocks, bogwood and robust planting.

Rainbow Shiners mix well with other fish of a similar temperament and size that also enjoy the same fast-flowing conditions as they do. Ideal tankmates could include the torpedo-shaped Nemacheilid loaches such as Nemacheilus, Schistura and Mesonoemacheilus, which will occupy the lower levels of the aquarium, as well as subtropical Botiid Loaches.

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-Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Approximate size range may also vary between the availability of the actual livestock.

-And based on availability, your fish will be selected from an assortment of males and females, as we are not able to guarantee specific gender.

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