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Red Devil Crab

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The Red Devil Crab, sometimes referred to as a Vampire Crab is a small colorful crab that does well in a semi-aquatic environment.  It thrives in captivity and can be kept in groups.  Bright reds on the carapace make it one of the more striking Geosesarma crab species.

Little is known about these Red Devil Crabs in captivity. We have been keeping them for a short time and they have proven quite hardy to us and many other people all over the world. A “Paludarium” type aquarium is a perfect habitat as well as an aquarium that may have driftwood or lookout rocks for them to peer from. Red Devil Crabs are scavengers and will eat nearly anything on the aquarium floor. They will relish a dead insect such as a cricket, and will tackle a live one if given the opportunity. They will eat dried blood worms, pellets or regular fish food.

They eat out of the water as well as underwater. You may keep these crabs in multi specie Paludariums with many types of species of small fish, crayfish, frogs, and other amphibians. They are fascinating to watch and are quite active during the day. Easy to keep, a great find today for you!

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