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Senegal Bichir

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The Senegal Bichir has a widespread distribution throughout much of tropical Africa, where it inhabits sheltered freshwater lagoons, marshes, and swamps with dense vegetation and muddy substrates. This solitary nocturnal predator tends to seek refuge in dimly lit, sheltered nooks and crannies during the day, emerging at night to feed on crustaceans, insects, insect larvae, molluscs, small fish and small frogs. An aquarium that houses this species should be spacious - ideally at least 6ft x 2ft x 2ft for adult specimens - and very well covered, as these fish are great escape artists. Ensure that any gaps where wires feed in to the aquarium are plugged securely with filter foam or mesh glued into place. The lid of the aquarium may also need to be weighted down.

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