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Korallen Zucht Sponge Power

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Sponge Power enhances the growth of filter feeding species like sponges, tridacna clams and sea squirts. The increased growth helps these organisms process a larger volume of tank water and results in increased water quality. SPS corals see increased tip coloration, with enhanced purples being the most commonly noticed.

  • Increases micro-fauna biodiversity and stability
  • Enhanced growth potential of SPS corals
  • Improved polyp extension with regular use
  • Can be used with ZEOvit or by itself
  • Supports rapid regeneration in damaged or freshly fragged corals


Sponge Power - Designed for filter feeders such as sponges, tridacna clams and sea squirts.

  • Increased growth of filter feeding species
  • Supports increased water processing and ultimately water quality
  • Longer colored tip portions of SPS corals
  • Purple enhancements in SPS corals
  • Improves recovery of damaged corals

Suggested Dose: 1-3 drop for 25 gallons

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