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Strawberry Conch Snails

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The Strawberry Conch, also known as the Tiger Conch, Concho and Strawberry Concho is a welcome addition to your reef’s clean up crew (CUC).

They will spend their time sifting through your sand bed looking for any algae, detritus and left over foods. They provide a valuable service by turning over your sand bed as they move around, keeping it aerated.

These unusual looking snails are interesting to watch with their lurching movements and googley eyes, they are great characters to add to your aquarium. When you search the online forums for Strawberry Conch, the most common descriptions of their behaviour will be strange, weird and odd.

Caution should be taken when adding them to an aquarium with overly aggressive tank mates, and hermit crabs that may prey on them for their shells.

They do best in established aquariums, but can additional foods added in newer aquariums will support them.

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