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Triton Infusion 100ml

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INFUSION is a mixture of trace elements and other beneficial substances, which enables the TRITON method to be used without having to use CORE7 base elements. Ideally suited for large aquariums with a lime reactor or if another calcium supply system is used. A special, proprietary mixture of useful substances that increase the performance of algae-based nutrient control systems: - Scientifically proven - Based on a decade of research and development - Quality assurance through TRITON Lab usage: Infusion can be used to 100% increase the TRITON method operate and use an alternative calcium supply instead of Core7. This means that all the advantages of the TRITON method with the calcium supply system you want are available to aquarists and can fully replace the Core7 Base Elements. Infusion makes it possible for the first time to make the most professional and scientific supply system for aquaristics available in a modular manner for a wide variety of aquariums, without unnecessary acquisition costs and getting used to new technology. In addition, it is much cheaper for many large aquariums and still allows you to use all the advantages of the TRITON method, such as scientific problem solving or no regular water changes.

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