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Vitalis small and medium sized sinking koi carp pellets are a highly digestible, soft sinking pellet, which can be fed to your koi fish all year round. Vitalis Koi pellets are specifically formulated using natural high quality ingredients and are the best nutritional pond fish food for hobbyists who would like to boost growth and coloration of their koi fish. The formula and structure of these koi pellets will attract the koi carp and make it easier to train to hand feed them.

Specifically formulated for enhanced growth and colouration
Soft sinking pellet formulation
Natural ingredients
Less waste – improved water quality
Sustainably sourced ingredients

Please Note:
In the winter months feeding should be reduced. Do not feed koi fish when pond water temperatures reach 8°C and below.
It is advised to feed smaller amounts of food more frequently - feed only the amount that can be eaten within two minutes.

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